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The Buddha Baby holistic massage treatment menu has been designed to appeal to and developed especially for women, including new mums and mums-to-be.  Each treatment has been carefully chosen to help balance the feminine energies and induce a sense of wellbeing and tranquillity.  Treatments are offered in the quiet sanctuary of my home, where it is calm and cosy.  Please allow for 10-15 minutes extra in addition to the timings below... a few moments to relax before and after your holistic massage will help you to truly benefit from the treatment. Available Friday afternoons and Saturdays, evening appointments when possible. For availability and to book your treatment, please contact info@buddhababywanstead.co.uk

holistic massage menu 

Holistic body massage - £50

This wonderful (one hour) treatment will ease tension and stress, allowing you some 'time out' to focus on yourself.  Soothing massage strokes provoke deep relaxation, bringing your mind and body into balance.  You can choose from the signature full body massage or a bespoke treatment, adapted for specific areas of the body according to your needs - both aim to improve your overall wellbeing. This sublime treatment can be enhanced by deluxe body oils by Yogandha promoting a further sense of true serenity. 

Natural lift facial massage - £35

Bring back your goddess again with this fabulously funky facial massage! Specialist lifting and firming techniques naturally tone the facial muscles and replenish the delicate layers of the skin, whilst gently working on pressure points to release tension.  This treatment works especially to balance female energies and support the flow of energy (Ki) in the whole body.  This treatment is enriched with the use of Aphrodite Facial Oil by Moa which includes the rejuvenating properties of rose-hip oil. (45 minutes)                            

Pregnancy massage - £45 (BOOK 3 for £120)

Pregnancy is a special time and regular massage can benefit both mother and baby. This special (one hour) treatment can help to remedy many of the common discomforts experienced during pregnancy whilst promoting overall wellness.  It can also help reduce emotional stress, helping expectant mothers to feel more at ease. You can really relax as the massage strokes work to release muscular tension, relieve fatigue and soothe the skin during this comforting treatment to nurture the magnificent new mum-to-be (from 12 weeks).

Traditional Thai foot massage - £35

Lie back, relax and enjoy this royal treat for your feet... soothing for your soul and soothing for your soles!  Great for tired feet and achy legs, this treatment, based on traditional Thai foot massage, includes the feet, lower legs and knees.  It helps to reduce stress, tension and fatigue, relieve fluid retention and releases energy blocks in the body.  A traditional Thai massage foot stick is used to activate pressure points on the feet and a natural massage wax is applied to moisturise and soothe the legs and feet. (45 minutes)

top to toe - £45

Enjoy the calming combination of a tension-releasing shoulder, neck and scalp massage followed by a foot and lower leg massage. Inspired by a combination of traditional massage techniques from Indian head massage, Thai foot massage and Swedish massage, and enhanced by the healing ingredients of natural massage wax, this (one hour) treatment is a great way to switch-off and unwind.  It will help to clear a busy mind and put a spring back in your step leaving you feeling refreshed and uplifted. 


Heaven is a head massage!  This 30 minute treatment traditional Indian head massage will stimulate hair growth, reinvigorate your mind and ease tension in the head, neck and shoulders.  If desired, oil can be incorporated to help nourish the hair and hydrate the scalp. A perfect pick-me-up if you are short on time, this treatment can be relaxing or revitalising. Clients remain clothed and stay seated on a kitchen chair.



New - from may 2019

Hello sunshine! Get ready for summer with this magical back and face massage combination which is  made all the more special by the amazing Moa products – ‘Hello sunshine body oil’ and ‘Aphrodite goddess facial oil’.  A 30-minute back massage followed by a 30-minute facial massage, this treatment will have you ready for the summer ahead.  Perfect pre-holiday or as a pre-summer treat!

Sally is excellent and passionate about what she does. She really listens to your needs and takes her time to make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed. She never rushes you and to top it all off after the end of a treatment you get a lovely cup of herbal tea and a home made treat!
— Puja
Holistic massage treatments
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This very special full body massage will transport you to sunny shores!  Feel the calm descend as warm liquid coconut oil is poured generously over your body and ‘let go’ as your body is stretched and soothed by the long massage strokes. Based on traditional Hawaiian massage which is said to feel like the waves of the ocean washing over you; this sublime treatment releases deep muscle tension, joint pain and energy blocks and leaves you feeling both relaxed and uplifted. (1 hour)