Here is a brief introduction to the different types of slings/carriers you can try at Buddha Baby:

Buckle carriers (soft structured carriers) have a main panel of soft fabric that may include hoods, pockets etc, a central band/belt that goes around the parent's waist and shoulder straps with buckle fastening that 'clicks' into place.  

Mei Tais have a square/rectangular panel of fabric attached to a waist band and shoulder straps which tie around the parent's and baby's body. 

Woven wraps are a long piece of woven fabric that is tied around the parent's and baby's body.  

Stretchy wraps are a long piece of stretchy fabric that is tied around the parent and baby's body.

Stretchy hybrid wraps are similar to stretchy wraps but are already half tied and usually come in 2 pieces, one is worn on the parent like a t-shirt/tank top (which the baby is inserted into) and the other ties around both of their bodies - rings at the sides are used to tighten the wrap. 

Ring slings / one-shoulder slings are worn across one shoulder and are tightened by pulling the fabric together and around the baby and parent's body.


Please note, all sling/carrier hire is subject to availability!