Spotlight on... Baby Yoga!

Baby Yoga... what exactly is it?  

A question I am often asked by new mums and dads, cab drivers, people at parties, advertisers, even yoga teachers....!  Here, as part of my new Blog, I will help you find out more about each of the classes at Buddha Baby... first up - Baby Yoga!

Baby Yoga is a yoga-style practice especially adapted for parents and their babies, pioneered by Francoise Freedman and Birthlight. Baby Yoga includes massage, stretching, gentle movement, tactile games, songs and rhymes and relaxation. Designed to enhance playful interaction and positive communication between parent and baby, Baby Yoga also provides age-appropriate sensory and physical stimulation to fully support a baby's natural development.

Should you try Baby Yoga? 

It's easy to be put off trying Baby Yoga, especially if you don't really see yourself as a dedicated yogi or have never done yoga before!  Don't worry!  Baby Yoga is one the most gentle and inclusive forms of yoga I have come across!  It's one hour to truly focus on you and your baby, it feels good for your body and it's fun for your baby.  

Baby Yoga can help you to:

  • meet, socialise and enjoy time with other parents and babies
  • relieve tension and tightness in your body (neck, shoulders, lower back)
  • tone pelvic floor muscles
  • strengthen abdominal muscles
  • further develop positive, playful interaction with your baby
  • 'tune in' to your baby's individual cues and respond with care
  • develop confidence in different ways to handle your baby
  • delight and soothe your baby
  • relieve baby's colic, crying and growing pains 
  • learn some lovely songs to sing with your baby
  • relax!

What happens at a Baby Yoga class?

Parents and babies learn and practice different Baby Yoga techniques together. A typical class usually begins with a welcome song for the babies and a breath/stretch sequence for parents; we check that everyone is feeling well and ready to join in before we start.  A series of gentle movements and stretches for babies are explored... many include matching rhymes or songs which further delight and interest babies.  Post-natal yoga techniques for parents are integrated throughout, helping new parents to build strength, ease tension and tone post-natal bodies.  Each carefully adapted adult yoga-pose or yoga-stretch enables parents to be close to and/or to interact with their baby.   Massage strokes might also be incorporated (over baby's clothes) to warm up for movement or to cool and calm, ready for relaxation.   A delightful relaxation time towards the end of class, is an opportunity to take rest, enabling a sense of revitalisation after the class!


What's special about the Buddha Baby - Baby Yoga course? 

I've been teaching Baby Yoga since 2011 and during this time have developed the Buddha Baby approach to make sure each class is really exceptional!  The five week course covers all you need to learn to practice Baby Yoga at home and is a great opportunity to start your week on a positive note.  At each class, you will receive the warmest welcome on arrival and after class, you get to take home a small home-baked treat from my very own little pink kitchen, (or a piece of fresh fruit, if you prefer).  I'll often give clients a mini face/head/hand massage during relaxation time too (if liked). Yoga mats, cushions, blankets, and other props are all provided, so all you need to do is bring your baby! 

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