Business blog 1: How it all began

Business Blog 1 – How it all began…

A question I am often asked is ‘So, how did you end up doing this for a living?’

It’s something I often reflect on - how does a girl go from teaching children in an inner-city primary classroom to running a business in holistic wellbeing for babies and parents?  Well, it’s not so different… I still very much see myself as a teacher-educator, except now I facilitate parent groups rather than pupils… and I’ve gone back to a teenage career dream that got a bit left behind somewhere along the line.

I’ve always been fascinated how holistic treatments can enhance wellbeing and healing.  For many years I have kept a collection of aromatherapy oils, had a dream of opening a beautiful spa, and of helping people to feel good.  After almost 10 years of teaching I went back to school myself and completed a year-long diploma in Indian Head Massage at a local college.  The first of many trainings and workshops, this course really kick-started the beginning of a new venture.  Soon followed up by other traditional massage courses, I finally completed my diploma in holistic body massage just last year.

As a primary teacher, my classroom reflected my interest in holistic approaches to wellbeing; my pupils would change for PE with aroma-streams wafting out sweet orange oil and we regularly used visualisation and meditation tools to calm the classroom atmosphere after busy lessons and playtimes!  A newspaper article, brought to me from my headteacher, set me off on training to deliver the Massage in Schools Programme (a specially designed programme of fully clothed peer massage on the head, back, shoulders, arms and hands for pupils in primary schools).  This had such a tremendously positive effect on my pupils and their families, and ultimately it was this that encouraged me to return to my tutor, Sylvie Hetu, to train as an Infant Massage Instructor. 

A trip abroad to visit friends brought about conversations encouraging me to take the first step into my new life as a small business owner.  I started with baby massage and have built on this gradually - always following my developing interests, my client’s requests and ultimately trusting my instincts and intuition.  This has led to the very organic growth of Buddha Baby over this time.  I’ve done it slowly, moonlighting with a career still in primary education and balancing the challenges of running a small but growing business with a need to keep paying the mortgage.  In other blog-posts I’ll be writing about the developments, the successes and the challenges of living this double-life, along with my hopes, dreams, wishes and targets for Buddha Baby in the future!