For babies

  • Age-appropriate, multi-sensory stimulation with a gentle balance of activity and relaxation
  • Supports the natural development of the physical body;  digestive and nervous system, develops strength, flexibility and balance
  • Gives relief from growing pains, including teething, constipation, gas, reflux and colic
  • Increases levels of relaxation - leading to improved sleep patterns
  • Aids the development of early communication skills
  • Enhances attachment to parent (helps baby to feel more secure, valued and respected and therefore supports the development of a deep sense of trust in their parent)











For parents

  • Quality, one-one, close interaction with your baby - enhances attachment to baby
  • Increases understanding of your baby's body language and behaviours and how to 'read' your baby's signals (cues)
  • Develops further confidence in the care and handling of your baby
  • Aids relief from tension in the body, supports the maintenance of good posture and to regain body strength post birth
  • Has a wonderfully positive and balancing effect on maternal (and paternal) emotions - enabling you to nurture yourself whilst enjoying activities with your baby
  • Opportunity to meet other parents, share ideas and experiences and in a friendly, relaxed and comfortable environment